A story of commitment to keeping New York City safe for all of us.


Why choose Clean NYC?

Clean NYC is a New York City-based disinfection spraying & cleaning team. Professional cleaning services are available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. We specialize in daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly disinfectant sprays for both commercial and residential applications. We offer COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfectant spraying for companies that want to reopen their doors safely, both for their employees and their customers.

What is the secret of our success? Our founders carefully select all team members who undergo intensive training before arriving at their property. They are also connected, insured and controlled long before they enter your home or business. Additional measures like this have allowed Clean NYC to maintain its 5-star rating over the years. We don’t take shortcuts.

Another secret to Clean NYC’s success are our local connections. Many national cleaning and spraying companies serve New York City. But Clean NYC is a local company founded by people born and raised in New York City. This experience gives us a unique insight into the local market and its needs, helping us ensure that we are the best disinfection spray team in New York City – with no excuses.

We regularly listen to clients who are impressed with our work. Of course, it’s the least you can expect from a cleaning company. These are additional little things that make Clean NYC the best cleaning in New York, like the way we take care of your pets during your visit.

Clean NYC prides itself on its “no hidden fees” policy. Prices are fully transparent and all fees are disclosed well in advance of your payment. Our standard spray package includes full spraying of rooms, common areas, foyer, kitchens and bathrooms. Customers can also pay for bonus cleaning services. Just let us know in advance and Clean NYC will be happy to fulfill your request.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide all Clean NYC customers with consistent, quality cleaning anywhere in New York City. When you pay for a disinfectant spray, you don’t pay someone half to clean the house. You expect a level of professional service that makes your home and business safe for you and your customers. At Clean New York, our goal is to do this feat every day.

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